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Achraf El Kashef

Achraf El Kashef is a business analyst with Pictet &Cie, Switzerland where he helps optimize business processes. He carries over this analytical curiosity to his various projects at the Post Tenebras Lab – a hackerspace for individuals of various disciplines [It provides space, tools, know-how and technological culture for the creation, modification of objects and the sharing of knowledge for enthusiasts of computer science, electronics, mechanics, arts sciences and technology].


He has won awards for Swiss cybersecurity competitions and for building an underwater 3D-mapping robot. Some of his recent projects include

  • A motorized 3D-printed kinetic movement sculpture based on the "strandbeest"

  • Rebuilding modern versions of retro technologies, like a "flap display" often used as a public transport timetable in airports or railway stations.


He also makes time to volunteer with the Red Cross to accompany older persons in social isolation.


During the pandemic he became aware of the stigma and discrimination faced by health workers in different regions and believes that we need to better recognize the rights of health workers and fortify mechanisms that protect these rights.

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