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The Health Law Institute is looking for volunteers in various activities such as communication, social media and translation. If you have ideas that can help further awareness around health worker rights and how you can help drop us a line too.

If you are a health worker, we would like to hear about your experiences and good practices at your institution

Thanks for submitting!


"Being a fellow at Health Law Institute has been an amazing opportunity for me. It led me to gain
experience and develop further knowledge about regulations and policies related to the health
workforce, which as an advocator for decent work turned to be truly enriching. Also, I had flexibility in
working accompanied by constant feedback of Soosmita, the president and founder. She's been a
fantastic supervisor, with lots to share, listen and advise. I know for sure that the personal and work
relationships I have developed here will stay with me throughout my life and career. Thanks HLI! Thanks
Soosmita! It's been great being part of your team."

— Katherine Durand, HLI Fellow

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