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Noelle Mcnamara

Noelle is a Junior at the University of Michigan studying International Studies and Anthropology. Her studies have developed an acute focus on global health that originates from medical, education, and legal empowerment service trips abroad.  Naturally, Health Law Institute’s (HLI) mission to improve health workers’ legal awareness and literacy to enable them to better address legal, regulatory and human rights challenges in their day to day work sparked Noelle’s interests. The HLI intersects all of Noelle’s passions by combining global health and the law to promote safety and well-being.

Noelle currently works for Clean Water Action as a Field Manager, advocating for the public health and safety of Michigan citizens. She brings awareness to her community and organizes various campaigns to protect Michigan’s waterways. She is also conducting research for HLI in conjunction with Global Brigades, a sustainable development non-profit, to learn more about community healthcare worker safety and working conditions in Honduras. Noelle believes health is a human right, and as such aims to become an international health lawyer so that she can work to increase healthcare accessibility within rural populations.

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