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Oncology pharmacist on duty in chemotherapeutic suite, Lagos State Uni. Teaching Hospital, Nigeria

I am a pharmacist, pharmacologist and a public health pharmacist. Coming from a humble background, my initial plan was to study chemical engineering. But my first admission letter into a higher institution i.e. University of Massachusetts Boston was to study Pharmacy that was when the thought changed.  An idea of creativity, thoughtfulness, valued for humanity and a continuously upgrading my policies propel me into pharmacy school.

I have been practicing for nearly 20 years. We need to evaluate where we come from, where we are and where we intend to be. This call for a continuous policies upgrade so that we can add value to where we belong. Among other things, some of the things that need to be implemented to overcome some of these challenges includes,

  • Authority should allow a level plain field to all health workers  to improve and build their capacity for better performance.

  • Ensure optimum utilization of knowledge acquired

  • Abolish the biasness in human capacity development, let it be financed by authority and should be open to all health workers who are willing to improve themselves.

  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of all personnel to deliver on knowledge acquired not only  centered on programmed alone.

With all the above-mentioned points we can achieve full utilization of knowledge acquired, while ensuring better therapeutic outcome for the patient and rights of health workers. Policy makers should be cognizant of and implement policies that uphold rights and support health workers.


About the Author

Muritala Olayinka is the Assistant Director Pharmacy, Pharmacy Department, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Lagos, Nigeria. In his capacity as an oncology pharmacist, he is also part of the team that is going to work on University of Chicago human trial that is about to start in Nigeria


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